Shoulder injuries


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Broken collarbone

This rather common injury is usually caused by a fall and direct or indirect force to the shoulder. Only non-displaced clavicle fractures can be treated without surgery, all other fracture types require surgery. The aim of the operation is to restore the original anatomical shape of the collarbone as much as possible. Mostly long plates are used.

Acromioclavicular dislocation



By falling on the arm, the joint capsule of the so-called acromio clavicular joint (between acromion and clavicle) tear, and the clavicle height, depending on the severity of the injury, moves more or less. Lower stages (called Tossy I and II) are not operated, but eventually stabilized with a shoulder brace.

The Tossy III is a complete dislocation (tearing of the capsule ligament entirely) and should at least be surgerically treated in case of younger patients. This is done with a plastic band loop, which is looped around the coracoid and which brings the clavicle back to its original position. This band is fixed by means of clamping screws.

The arrow points to the here already repositioned acromioclavicular.