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Our other services are

Private or Insurance:

  • Orthopedic examination and counseling, sports counseling, counseling for a good life with osteoarthritis and adapted sports exercises
  • Surgical consultation and preparation for operations
  • Post-operative treatment
  • Treatment of pain in the musculoskeletal apparatus with infiltrations and infusions
  • Prescription of medications, physical therapy and orthotics
  • Production of insoles: copy, correctional, bedding and functional support inserts. Growth-directing inserts for children
  • Ultrasound examinations of the infant hip, orthopedic mother-child-booklet examinations


Operations on

  • knee
  • foot
  • hip
  • shoulder
  • elbow
  • hand

Outpatients and inpatients. Under local anesthesia and general anesthesia.


  • Reporting of results
  • Infusions over the amount authorized by the insurance
  • Secondary inserts (eg sport shoes)
  • when a "second opinion" is required
  • for foreign patients and those without health insurance
  • especially when much time is needed for counseling