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The ganglion is an outgrowth of the joint capsule. Many believe that a ganglion grows, as these cysts can be so hard and firm. They are filled with thick, gelatinous liquid, which is produced by certain cells on the inside of the wrist capsule

There are 4 sites:

Radiodorsal - back of the hand, around the continuation of the middle finger.
Radiopalmar - bending side under the thumb.

Ulnodorsal - Back of the hand, around the continuation of the little finger, very rare.
Ulnopalmar - bending side under the little finger, is extremely rare.

If the ganglion does not bother, then no need for treatment is given. Using a hammer (customary in the countryside) is not a good option, since the ganglion then explodes and makes an operation very difficult.

If it bothers or hurts, or develops rapidly, the ganglion is removed surgically. It should be kept in mind, not only to remove the ganglion as a whole but also the so-called stem (the mucus-forming cells), as this may cause the cysts again.

The hand is ready to use in about 2 weeks.


These are usually small, fluid-filled cysts that can form around tendons or tendon sheaths. The same procedure as for the ganglion is required. If they disturb or hurt, it will be removed. The majorly straightforward operation allows the use of the hand after about 2 weeks.