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Ordination Michael Vitek Dr. med. univ. Prof. inv. UAG
(Universidad Autonoma Guadalajara Villahermosa Tabasco Mexico)

Specialist in Orthopedic Surgery
1120 Vienna, Meidlinger Hauptstraße 26
Entrance: Füchselhofgasse 1

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 12:00 noon - 16.00 pm, private and all insurances

Phone reservation required: 01/815 52 75 for insured patients.

0664/ 849 81 00 for private appointments.

We ask for understanding that sometimes you have to call more than once to get through. In some cases, the tape recorder is switched on even when we are there, but all have our hands full. We attach great importance to your call, but please just try more often or even later, because we only have one line.

Exclusively for private appointments or postoperative emergencies after operations that were carried out by us, you can also select 0664/849 81 00. Please understand that insured patients can not use this tel. no.!

If you have a major medical issue, you can also contact us for information by e-mail. Please note that via e-mail, no appointments can be made, as we need to arrange each case according to urgency and in consideration with the disease at different times and dates, in order to ensure a smooth process without excessive waiting times.

Please understand that your emails can possibly be answered only after some time, depending on the workload. An e-mail, however, can NEVER replace the medical interview!