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When the discs cause problems

As a well-informed patient, you not only assist the treatment of your symptoms by your doctor, but also ease your healing.
The cross with the cross is about to become the no. 1 widespread problem. Surgeries are full of backache stricken people. This book helps you to recognize disc problems and to understand the necessary treatment steps and their effectiveness.

It informs you in a simple form about:

Structure of the spinal column

Causes of hernia

Major non-surgical treatments (Up to 90% of the intervertebral disc problems can be treated without surgery!)

The latest surgical techniques

Other spinal disorders

Prevention not only for patients but also for people with healthy backs.

Spine-relieving everyday behavior

Effects of different sports on the spine

The author:

Professor Michael Vitek

ISBN: 3-902191-68-6

EUR 14,90

Available in bookstores
and via (Patient Guide)
Single copies can also be obtained in Dr. Vitek's office.