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Stage treatment in arthritis

Arthritis occurs in nearly every person above the age of 45. At present, there is no cure for this condition, however, there are numerous options for treatments to ease the pain. Frequently, the treatment allows the patients to live a normal, painless and active life

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Artificial knee joints

are being produced tailor-made for each of our patients in the US (prenavigation) and therefore fit better and are more robust. The length of surgery is also considerably reduced beause of this procedure.

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Artificial hip joints

For the implantation of artificial hip joints we apply a minimally invasive procedure in which muscles are not loosened or cut anymore as it is common in other procedures. The advantage is a considerably faster rehabilitation.

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Innovative foot surgeries without wires and full load possible immediately. The V-tek system

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To watch a video about my office please click the link below.

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Prof. Vitek explains the most important conditions regarding the knee. All relevant treatments and sugeries are simply explained so even non-professionals can understand everything easily. Other books discuss foot problems, arthritis, intervertebral discs and the wireless foot surgery system V-tek.

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